She Says I’m Not Man Enough


There’s this lady neighbor that kept flirting with me in spite of the fact that I wasn’t giving her attention. I just wasn’t interested in that kind of close range relationship (fie akoko) things but she frequently borrowed my stuff and told me to come around for it.

I visited her one day to ask for my stuff back and made a mistake of my life by having sex with her. Instantly realizing my mistake, I distanced myself from her but she kept asking for more. I denied her because she kept changing guys like something and whenever she escorts the guy she’ll whatsapp me saying, “you are bluffing me but I have guys begging for it.” I just ignored her.

I just blocked her new number ☝️

Recently I started going out with a lady who visits me sometimes. Whenever my neighbor sees my girlfriend around, she will be calling me endlessly. Due to that, I blocked her both on whatsapp and normal calls but just this evening she sent me a voice message saying “I was just trying to make you feel loved but, the truth is you were never up to a man during that moment. You should seek medication rather than chasing women with your weak prick.”

At first, I wanted to call and tell her my piece mind because I have kept cool with all her nonsense as I blame myself for such mistake. I didn’t call her though.

I seriously need advice because I don’t know if she’s mad or just jealous ????‍♂️

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Good morning Aunty Abena thanks for the good work done..
    Please I really need an advice from you and your audience..Hmmm I’ve been dating this guy for one and half year now and I must say he is a good man and respectful..Does everything for me unless I don’t ask . Like me the envy amongst my friends because they always tell me that I’m lucky ..
    Now here’s my full story.. for the nature of his work he does travel a lot. So he started traveling to Bogoso and he made me understand that it was for a job purpose but unfortunately His Uncle came into the picture and they were going to the Bogoso together, when I asked him he told me they were solving some family issues and when they’re done His Uncle will leave but meanwhile man has already spent like two months in his house.. with that I couldn’t go there frequently because I thought it wasn’t appropriate to be going there while he’s there..

    Hmmm to cut the long story short
    My boyfriend started not to pick my calls when ever he travels with his Uncle
    I complained about it and he stopped. But recently when ever he comes to me I feel there’s something wrong with him and he doesn’t want to tell me. I asked several times but he couldn’t tell me what was eating him up. So about four days today and he told me that he has something to tell me but whenever I ask him go ahead he doesn’t say anything for like three days he couldn’t find the courage to tell me what was wrong with him.. so I decided to go to his place and check up on him since he wasn’t picking my calls and how he sounded to was unlike him So I went there..
    Hmmm upon reaching his place I met a lady with a very beautiful baby girl and I greeted her and went straight into the sitting room and I saw my guy also sitting in the couch. I asked him what was going on and all that he could tell me is I should go home and he will come to me and explain certain things to me.. hmmm I agreed and told him then he should go and see me off .. Abena hmmmm upon we getting to the main gate the Lady came to call him from behind asking him to come check something for him before he goes so he told me to wait..I stood there waiting for him for about 10 minute he wasn’t coming so I went to check on why he’s left me all alone standing in the sun waiting for him…Hmmm I got to his door and it was locked I knocked and knocked, called out his name for several times but he didn’t respond so I look through his window and saw him sitting there like a child so afraid to talk.. then I left with tears .. so while in a taxi going he texted me that he’s very sorry and he can explain so should give him the chance to come and explain to me. So he came to my hostel and told me that the lady is his ex girlfriend but before he met me he had wanted things to work out with him and the lady but he realized the lady had a boyfriend so he backed out of it. That was within that time he also met me.
    So he never new the lady had given birth or something, it was recent that the lady and her sister came to him telling him that the child is his because she got sick and needed blood but the guy who was fathering the child’s blood didn’t match so they had to look for him and let him know everything… but as for the lady he has nothing to do with her and she will leave soon I should give him sometime.. and I asked him why he left me under the sun and couldn’t respond to me when I was calling.. he told me he didn’t want to create a scene that why .. hmmmm Aunty Abena I’m confused as to whether he’s lying to me or saying the truth.. should I stay away from him or them .. hmmmm his guy brought a lot of happiness into my life..

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