She Nearly Killed Me


I want to talk about how my ex’s wife nearly killed me during her surprise visit. Please keep my identity.

We met in 2017 and he told me he was in a relationship but the lady wasn’t serious about him. I gave him some time to sort things out. The decision was in his hands to break up with her or become serious with her. I didn’t hear from him until 2018.

He told me he suspected her of cheating but decided to stay just to know the truth. After finding out, he broke up with her. Because I still loved him, I decided to give him a chance. He had lady friends he chatted with. He’ll post my pictures on his status and also post them. I wasn’t comfortable with mine so made him stop. Nothing from the words he used made me feel he had something doing with them.

I never suspected him of cheating either. He could spend a whole week with me. I could also do same at his end. We always shopped together, washed, cleaned, cooked and even his parents knew about me.

Fast forward last year February, I planned a surprise for him during Valentine’s Day because his birthday is on the 15th. He’d already told me in January that he’ll be traveling to SA but had to postpone it. He went there every 3 or 6 months.

Val’s Day was fun and on his birthday the next day, I gave him his surprise. We were on the verandah talking oo when a car parked in front of the house and this lady came out. She was South African and she was insulting us in both her language and English.

My ex kept on saying, “I’ll explain. Please calm down.”

I didn’t understand why whoever she was could come there insulting me. Who is she? He didn’t answer. Then she slapped me so I slapped her back and went inside. She followed me inside and threw her high heels at me. One hit my hand. I picked it up and threw it back at her.

She picked anything she could lay her hands on and threw them at me. My ex was inside trying to calm her down. I got very mad and didn’t want to stay there anymore. I went into the bedroom whiles she was insulting him. Came out with my bag (a gift from him), she saw it and went crazy. She screamed that it was her bag she left behind the first time she visited him.

That she didn’t know her husband will do this to her. I was shocked? Husband? I told her it’s a lie. Before I was aware, she threw her heel at me again and it hit the side of my head and I started bleeding.

He rushed me to the hospital and was told I’d lost a lot of blood. I felt very cold. Very cold that I can’t explain. I kept praying that if I get well, I won’t date him again. I was told I was in coma for 2 days before I woke up.

He paid my hospital bills, everything but when I was discharged, I called my sister to pick me up. I refused to pick his calls. Finally, I picked and he apologized for not telling me the truth. He said there are some benefits marrying her gives him so he’s sorry. I told him to keep his sorry. He still tries to call sometimes but I always block him.

The sad thing is this guy was very stingy oh. The only thing he ever gave me was that bag which belonged to his wife. I’m lucky she didn’t kill me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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