She Lied that She Didn’t Know Him


I met a man few weeks ago. I was gonna deliver some of the items I sell to someone when I met him. Honestly he was looking all dirty and scruffy sitting with some group of guys but when he called me I went and talked to him nicely. I never knew this man was even rich. He expressed interest in me and I accepted.

He said he really likes me because I am a respectful lady and was not rude the first time we met. This man has done a lot for me. I have never met anyone who gives me so much money in my entire life. He is super rich. Last week was my birthday and he took me shopping. He asked me to pick whatever I wanted but honestly I couldn’t even pick much because I’m not used to wasting people’s money.

I posted a video of myself and him. An old friend who happens to stay his area commented “nice couple.”

I smiled and asked if she knows him which she replied yes. She asked how I met him but when I told her she started behaving strangely so I asked her if there was a problem. She said nothing is wrong and repeated that we look good together. The next day she chatted me asking if I indeed love the man. I replied and said yes I do. She said ok.

I didn’t hear from her until two days ago when she texted me telling me the man is her fiancé and they are still together so I should forget about him and take heart. I said okay but I was shocked at her message. I mean I asked her the first time we chatted about him if there was something but she said is nothing.

Ever since that day, the man has started avoiding me. He doesn’t return my calls or anything. This is someone who was calling ad texting me all the time. I have decided to move on and not call or text him again but my fear is could my friend have said something to him against him for him to switch all of a sudden?

I know she is dating another man and they even hav a child together so what is she talking about? When I asked him about her, he told me he only knows her in their neighborhood. I’m honestly confused and don’t know what to do.

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Written by Abena Magis

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