She Lied About the Miscarriage


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Well, she told me, she paid a surprise visit to her boyfriend and met another lady! And that she was just returning from that place! Fast forward, I proposed and bingo!
We were cool, I have always been the busy type so never had time for long phone calls and several rounds for sex! Maybe I was stressed and had low libido! But I did meet her demands somehow so we were very cool.

She got pregnant; I was super excited because I loved her so much! She came to spend time with me and during the period, she made a short travel and returned the same day. I received a call later that day in the office, I rushed home to meet her bleeding to death! I rushed her to the hospital, spent the whole night at the hospital and the next morning, she told me we lost the pregnancy! Well, things didn’t add up for me but I never doubted her so we moved on! Discharged and recovered, she went to her place after some days!

Long story short, a married man later called me that he is responsible for the pregnancy and had evidence to prove he has been funding her antenatal even though I was doing that before the “MISCARRIAGE” for antenatal. Unaware the pregnancy was no more, the married man was still funding the antenatal visits and demanded to see the antenatal booklet but she always refused until he visited her one day, tricked her to go and cook for him, searched her stuffs and found out my details as the one responsible for the pregnancy!

The man called me, broke the news to me and we had the boys talk! He proved to me, took pictures of her, the food she prepared for him and the antenatal booklet! I had seen the booklet earlier so I could recognize it as the one she used! I requested him to hand the phone over to my woman, I questioned her and she hanged up!

“Broken heart come catch me pɛkyɛɛ!” I had already introduced her to my mum so I called mummy and told her my ordeal. Mummy also became depressed because she liked her so much! Well, I couldn’t eat, sleep nor concentrate! Now my lady has been begging for days with her mum! Well, Mummy went to see her parents, they all agreed to talk to us to let go! I had no option because I was really hit hard and shattered but was only trying to be strong. I ordered her to come for her belongings!

As soon as I set my eyes on her, our love rekindled, we both cried, consoled each other and rounded it up with some sweet sex ong! We managed to somehow put the past behind us but I have never been able to trust her that much again! I left the country months later and made her change location because of what happened in the past! Now she lives in the same neighbourhood with a close family member of mine. She has never been happy with that decision as she has legit reasons. We had initially made plans to advance her money to get a better place elsewhere until I changed my mind.

I have been suspicious of her dealings lately but I kept my cool since I didn’t have much evidence until I found out that, a man visited her some months back and bought her some stuffs! She never told me about it, neither did she introduce the man to that my family member in the neighbourhood even though he also saw them! This is making me doubt her the more and confirms her potential to cheat again and have her way especially looking at her recent short travels and shady movements!

Mind you, we virtually discuss everything and don’t hide things from each other! What stopped her from telling me about the stranger who visited her? If she can entertain men even right before my family member (who also couldn’t tell me because he didn’t want to bear the cross), what would happen if she moves out to a new apartment where she has more privacy devoid of any relative in the neighbourhood? I don’t want to ask her about the stranger because she will point fingers at my family member for obvious reasons but regardless, I feel she’s not doing enough for me to trust her that much as a wife to-be!

I expected her to be as transparent as possible especially considering what happened but if she can still keep things as these from me….. I just want to break away and have my peace of mind! Still broken but I feel I should swallow the bitter pill now before it swallows me soon! Anaa me bɔdam? (Or am I crazy) I would be reading comments. You can add insults if you think I deserve them because I will do same when I read yours tomorrow! Haaahaaaa! I would be reading comments. Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis

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