She Leaves Me Whenever She Is Angry.


Yea auntie, pls kindly hide my identity …. Well I’m a man, 29yrs of age and I’m dating this girl for almost 4-5yrs now. I’ve gone for the list, now planning to marry at any moment..

She is very good when it comes to supporting, caring, good sex, house keeping and cooking. She is the best I can say. But her only problem is her temper.

Small arguments, she can get bored and shout on top of her voice and pack and leave my room. (if she is with me) No matter the time, even 12AM sef, at dawn, she can pack and leave.

This has been happening for almost 4yrs now, for uncountable times. The reason why I’m sharing this with you is cos I love her and she loves me too. I can personally tell that she is not cheating. But with her behavior, I’m afraid to marry her and as at now this PACKING thing is bringing disgrace in the house I live in with her.

I’ve told her people about this several times. They have spoken to her severally but nothing is changing. She can pack and go then come back again.

MANO pls I need help on this.. should I let her go and move on or what? I’m confused….

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