She Keeps On Misbehaving.


Good evening to you Auntie Abena, pls hide my Identity. There is this girl dat I have been dating For 8years now, I was the one who divirgin her.

Since den I have been doing everything possible to make this relationship work. I love this girl deep down in my heart, I always want her around me because it gives me joy seeing her. But I don’t think she feels the same for me. She always misbehaved anytime dat I’m broke. When I was in South Africa, She was also misbehaving.

She doesn’t respond to my calls, she even changed her line so dat I could not reach her just because things were hard for me and money was not coming from me then. So I let her be. Now, I’m back from South Africa after 2 years. She came to apologize. She even confessed to me dat she dated 5 guys and I still forgave her because of the love I have for her. And promised me dat she will never cheat on me again no matter what. I said okay. So, now I pretended to be broke again.

She came to my house with one spoilt phone dat she was managing. The phone was really bad, so I gave her my second phone, and she went to her parent’s house. Not up to 2 weeks she said she lost the phone. And I told her that am broke now, I don’t have money to buy a phone for now. She should give me some time, dat I’m expecting some money. Then she went back to school. Since then she has been borrowing her friend’s phone to call me, not knowing dat she has her own phone.

It was wen I called the last number dat she called me with. I told the person dat I want to talk to my girl, the person told me to call her phone and gave me her number. As I called the number she refused to pick my call since yesterday till now. She has not returned my call. I even messaged her, she not replied. Anytime she comes to my house, all she does is to watch films, finger herself and sleep. Most times I do the cooking myself because if I ask her to cook, she will say she has to finish watching her film before she can cook.

She also complained a lot that I love sex too much. And the same girl loves to finger herself all the time. She will be giving different excuses that I stay too long on top of her. And my thing is too big. That she prefers her finger.

She doesn’t give me attention at all. But I am finding it very difficult to leave her, because I really love her so much. Pls Auntie, I need you and ur fans to advise me.

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