She Isn’t Good With House Chores.


Good afternoon sister Abena,
I’m a divorced man with two kids, I met a 22 year old girl last four years and we have been dating since I was also 32 by then. She is the sweetest person I have ever met. Although she comes from a well to do family, she still respects and she is very humble. She is young but gives me the best ideas, advice and she is very intelligent.

This makes me like her very much but her only problem is she not good when it comes to house chore. She likes cooking and doesn’t even let me enter her kitchen. But when it comes to cleaning of room laying of bed and other stuffs of the house, she is very bad at it.

I have been trying to help her learn those things but to no avail.I think it’s because she never worked in her father’s house and it’s affecting her now. I want to get married to her this year but I am scared this issue will cause problems for us.

It’s like I’m always complaining about it and it feels like I’m the bad guy. I really need advice if I’m really doing the right thing by breaking up with her because I don’t want to hurt her.

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