She Is The Problem.


Good evening to you and your fans Auntie Abena. About the abusive relationships nu ehn, sometimes it’s the fault of the abusees oo especially we women. I don’t support this act and will never do that!

I have this auntie that I’m very close to tho she’s far older than me but we vibe very well. She’s been married to her husband for the past 9yrs and since then, it’s been complaint upon complaint from the husband. Though she’s my auntie but what she’s doing to the husband nu isn’t fair at all.

She’s someone who doesn’t appreciate anything being given or done for her. They have 2 kids now, any money given to her to start a business becomes basaa. It’s either she uses it for something else and stays idle again, and she wants to buy any new thing she sees in town. Though the husband has been complaining of this habit of hers. Any time he gives her chop money she complains that it’s too small and will be angry and will be shouting on top of her voice till someone asks her what the problem is.

Then she starts to explain to them. Anytime he comes to complain they’ll tell him to just be patient with her. They call her to bash her well well after that.

I felt soo ashamed last Friday papa! I witnessed it myself, insulting and shouting, explaining how they’re going to spend the money to people. I chanced on her saying if I buy this and that pɛ, then the money will finish blah blah blah. I shouted her name immediately I entered the house then she kept quiet. I sat with her, talked with her ankasa that day, I didn’t mind that she’s my auntie cos what I witnessed wasn’t pleasant at all????‍♀️.

She kept defending herself and didn’t want to listen to me mpo. She tried shifting the blame on the husband but I didn’t buy into her idea because I know the husband is trying his best, she’s not working ooh so he’s the only one providing which shouldn’t be so. Elders have called her serverally to talk to her about this issue but still.

Everyone in the family knows that what every good husband will do is what this my auntie’ s own is doing. She likes keeping unnecessary friends, discussing her marital issues with them. Every funeral, wedding she wants to go some meanwhile you’re not working but depending on your husband.

We had a family funeral to attend last week, not knowing she asked her husband for money to attend the funeral but he didn’t get some to give her because the money on him wasn’t enough. Chaii come and see my auntie! Crying and insulting be what? So he got angry and slapped her, told her to leave his house for it is becoming too much but she refused and he left for work.

So she went to her two friends to borrow money to come to the funeral. She came late with some changes on her face. She was asked but she didn’t say what she did ooh. It was when we came back that the husband narrated everything to us.

She’s my blood yes, but that man is suffering. He’s attempted divorcing her but my auntie won’t understand, and she’s not ready to change too. We’re all tired of her attitude! So sometimes nu it’s the abusees fault oo especially we the women, but men don’t talk much nti…. meanwhile they’re going through hell.

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