She Has Blocked Me After All She Said.


Hello Abena, can you please post this on your site, but keep me anonymous:

There’s a girl I love. We had a relationship, but she started to ignore me. After some fights it got better and then worse again. It was an “up and down“ something.Then I used some bad words on her. She now blocked me.

When we were together she swore she loves me deeply. She said she wants a future with me. Also, she said I’m the best thing ever that happened to her.

When I text her on another platform she will say that she hopes for a future between the both of us. My question now is: how can someone behave so contrary, what is this about? Why would someone do this, if her love was true? Talking about love of life, still telling me, “I want a future with you” but completely block someone and behave strangely…
Thank you and best regards 🙂

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