She Has a Spirit Husband


The situation I’m faced with has to do with a lady I recently entered into a relationship with about 6 months ago. Upon all her dilly dally attitude that women normally show when you want them, she finally gave in and we both attached some measure of seriousness to our relationship.

Honestly, she is a nice person, but in the third month in our relationship, I noticed some bad signs in the light of my career. I lost my job in the mines, my side business collapsed and my dad too lost his job. The open indications made me to seek spiritual counsel for which I was told that some deity is married to her in the ‘spirit world’ and will torment me until I lose my life.

Even though I have been told to let her go, on the contrary I still love her as she has been very supportive (financially) during these trying times. It’s going to be difficult, but how do I tell her about all these without hurting her so badly and hitherto liberating me from that ‘career bondage.’

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Written by Abena Magis

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