She Has a Penis?

Her Secret is too Big For Me ?


I have this female friend of mine whom we’ve been friends for a very long time
We do everything together. I’m in a relationship but she’s not dating. I sometimes asked her why but the response I got from her was nothing!

A lot of my male friends thought we were dating or doing things low key but it isn’t true. Most too asked me to connect her to them. I always tried my best to connect them but she always refused.

3 days to her birthday, she called me saying that she had something to discuss with me but it’s her secret. I was afraid then and I also thought she is going to tell me she’s a lesbian! I went there, she asked me to promise her not to let anyone know or hear about this discussion I was shaking but I promised her on that!

She then revealed to me that she has a penis not vagina ?I thought it was a joke and I started laughing. She asked why and I said, “next joke please.” She started crying ? I went to her and did my best to stop her from crying.

Later she asked me to cover my eyes till she asked me to open it. I did as she told me. Behold, she was naked and I saw everything with my naked and fully opened eyes. She indeed has a full grown penis instead of a vagina! Guys, she and I have been friends for a very long time. I must say I was shocked because she’s a complete woman, huge breast, big ass, very pretty etc so imagine me seeing her with penis instead of vagina!

She then told me that’s the reason why she’s not with any man because she see herself as a man and not a woman even though she has everything that shows she a woman! It’s only her parents & me who know this. I never knew we have some ladies like that. Please what’s the cause of this?

Since then me, I’ve stop challenging people o. She’s 23 years of age and fears to be in a relationship with such a secret because when people find out she can’t stand it. According to her, her parents tried their best to make her a lady by changing the organ but the money doctors demanded no they couldn’t afford it.

Any advise for her? My big problem is that this is creating problems with me and my lady. I’m even stranded because my fiancé thinks we’re dating secretly but a promise is a promise. I can’t voice out the truth to my lady.

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Written by Abena Magis

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