She Doesn’t Want to Move In with Me


I’m single with a son. I do everything possible to make the mum comfortable in life but on her side it seems she is uncomfortable with my efforts towards her. I always provide whatever she requests for even when I am not financially ok.

She is done with her NSS and expected postings in 2020 but her Lincensure exams results did not out in time. In view of that we are expecting that hopefully 2021, God will see us through for her to get a job.

At the start of this year, I requested for a loan to build up a business to make life easier for us. She’s living with her mum and all her siblings so you could imagine the little I send is what is sustaining the family. Due to what I intend to do, I had to call and tell her that for us to have a good life in future, we need to save and focus more rather than thinking of today.

So if possible, she should move and come and stay in my room (it’s separated from my mum but the same compound) for sometime then we will know what do. When I said this she never agreed and questioned me for reasons why I should let her move from her mum’s place to my place.

My main reason for the move is because of financial constraints now. I can’t even save a pesewa because of the cost of her living with her family and me having to provide for all of them. I really want to secure a better life for her and my child. I called her and told her if she is not willing to understand the situations and cooperate with me then let’s end this relationship.

She BOLDLY said OK. My fear is having different children somewhere. Already, guys like me in my profession (one of the security firms in Ghana) are tagged as womanizers and I don’t want to be a figure which people will be pointing at me. Kindly advice me family ????????????

Written by Abena Magis

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