She Doesn’t Remember My Digits


Good morning. I have an issue that I want you to post for your fans to help advice me on. I have a girlfriend whom I’ve dated for about four years.

Her fun was stolen last Thursday. I could not contact her during those two days until she contacted me today. She works at a distant place and prior to her phone being stolen last week, I asked her whether she had money with her for feeding and other stuff which she said yes.

She called today with a different number and told me her money was in the back of the phone (inside the phone case) when it got stolen so I should send her money. I asked her why she did not inform me immediately when the phone got stolen and her answer was that she had forgotten my number.

I was like, “what? You’ve forgotten my number?” She started laughing and telling me she could not remember all my digits. 4 years of dating she can’t remember my phone number. Ever since that phone call, my brain has been thinking and wondering. How does this lady see me or consider me. Am I wasting my time?

I’m honestly pondering about leaving this joke of a relationship. 4 years and she can’t remember my number damn…

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Written by Abena Magis

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