She Doesn’t Match My Energy


Please I need your fans to advise me on this.

I met the girl I am dating during my National Service early this year. To be sincere she’s the kind of woman I wish to spend the rest of my life with but the problem is, I met her as a virgin which she still is.

We agreed on no sex before marriage though we do kiss, romance and all that but sometimes during the romance I notice she breathes heavily and then she falls ill immediately.

But auntie Abena I love sex, I want a girl that is adventurous in bed, someone that can match my energy. She’s not. We talked about it and she said she wants a man that wouldn’t be all her over sex. She wants a guy that would give her space on that and doesn’t think she can hold on for long in marriage. Even when she tries learning she doesn’t think she has love or energy for sex like that.

Now the problem is we’re really so compatible in every other areas apart from this area. I’m really confused and can’t figure out the best possible solution to this.

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Written by Abena Magis

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