She Doesn’t Give Me the Tonga


My greetings to you and your audience. I started dating this girl in early 2019, until last year before she fell for me. She is just a young girl who would be completing SHS this year. I happened to be the one who broke her virginity out of love ????

Last year I proposed marriage to her and she accepted, I took over the responsibility to support her because I want to make her my wife. My family communicated with her family about our intentions to come for Knocking, you know how it’s done traditionally. ????

This is where the problem started from, they actually turned us down with tribal issues. The girl loved me so she never gave up and pleaded with me NOT TO GIVE UP ON HER. That I should wait for her to complete school and by then she would have power over herself. I understood and continued with the relationship though secretly, all because I love her.

Somewhere last year, she came with another issue that her people had introduced a guy from her tribe as the one they wanted to marry her. marry within their tribe. She begged me to forgive her and end the relationship.

I thought the whole thing was a lie because I had actually decided to stop giving her financial support due to how her family were handling me. I wasn’t okay with her decision to accept the offer given to her by her people but my friends advised me to give her a space, which I did.

I ignored all her calls and chats and in less than two weeks time, she came back and pleaded with me to give her a second chance. Because I loved her so much I decided to accept her back. I asked her about her so called guy given to her and she said I should forget about him.

My problem is that, right now I’m still with and giving her the necessary financial support a man should provide for his a woman but this girl doesn’t want to give me TONGA to eat.

She keeps telling me that I should exercise patience. Even when she visits me, we do all the nasty things but TONGA paaaaa diɛɛ,???? she keeps telling me that until we get married. This has caused me a lot of pains which is pushing me to find my way out of the relationship and look elsewhere.

The other problem too is that I’m the committed type and hate to cheat and to be cheated on so I don’t want to find someone out there to EAT unless the person is my woman.

Let your audience handle this for me please and I will be right on your page to read comments on what to do next. Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. The girl isnst your wive yet so cheating doesn’t play a role here ,please move on with your life kk ,ones d family doesn’t want you the relationship is a weak one,as for the she is just playing smart on you to get what she want ,plz leave her before you get hurt deeply.

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