She Cheated and Told Me


Thanks for what you have been doing for people. I’m new here but I have learnt so many things. Hi good day everyone. Now to my story.

I have been dating my woman since 2016 and since then she has been everything I ever wanted. In everything I do, I always put her first. Even though sometimes misunderstanding come up I’ll be the one to say sorry just for peace because I can’t stay without hearing from her or seeing her.

This is my issue.

One Saturday afternoon I was talking with her on phone and told her to come over on Sunday. She said no because she’ll be going to church so will come over on Monday. I believed her and let it go. On Sunday morning, I left my phone to get something outside. When I returned I saw her 3 missed calls. I called back but she didn’t pick. I called her all day, she didn’t pick.

I got worried and even more after I called her sister and was she wasn’t at home. I kept calling my woman until she finally called me on Monday morning and told me she’s coming over to my place. When she came she asked for a full body massage (I was once a masseuse and always massage her when she asks for it).

After the massage, I started playing with her and the two of us became horny and in the mood. I wanted to do it as I always did but this time she told me to use a condom. I told her “you know I don’t have a condom in my house” and the thing is my woman had never asked me to use condom before. Well I still went out to get some. I’ve learned that if a woman says “I’m sick” don’t chop until she gets better or if a woman asks for a condom she wants you to be safe.

I came back with the condom and put it on. But after the foreplay when I wanted to penetrate she said her vagina was paining her. Then she said “calm down.” I was confused and asked her so many questions which made her start crying but she didn’t want to say anything. I got angry, ready to leave the house for her when she called me back.

She told me that on Sunday morning she was feeling confused and needed someone to talk to but when she called me, I didn’t pick. There is a man who always gives her advice and staying close to her family house so she went to visit him. She said she didn’t know how the man started touching her but one thing led to the other and she told him to use a condom when he wanted to bleep her. Since she loves doggy style, she asked the man to fuck her doggy style because she felt like it will remove stress.

Though he enjoyed everything she was in pains and started bleeding inside. She told me the man has a big dick and is 22 years older than her. That’s how she got hurt inside.

Since then my head is full with the nonsense she told me. It has been 3 months since she told me but I still feel hurt. I had so many chances to cheat on her but I’ll rather masturbate than have sex with another girl. I do this because I wouldn’t know how I’ll lie to her if I cheat and she catches me.

For the past 3 months, I have been hurting her with my words because I never believe she could do that to me. Sometimes I’ll imagine how the man was bleeping her. Sometimes I wish she didn’t tell me so I can have peace of mind. I love her so much. Even though I’m hurt I still don’t wanna let her go but if she stays with me, I’ll keep hurting her with words or my attitude. Please I need your advice.

He’s been referred to a counselor

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Written by Abena Magis

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