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Sexcapades of Osofo Abaa Dɛdɛɛdɛ Part 9


I would occasionally bend over and kiss Debs on the back to reassure her that I’d not forgotten her. I massaged Nana Ama very well from neck to toe and then moved over to Debs. She felt how warm my thighs were and gasped when my kpeniz touched her back. I poured some oil on her back and slowly massaged her back. I moved slowly to her ass and massaged while kissing it gently. I could see that she was enjoying it. I moved to massage her thighs. She’d giggle anytime my fingers touched her pussy lips.

The weed had started working. Nice touch!
I placed one of the small pillows under her pelvis to lightly lift her ass revealing her succulent pussy. Jackpot! ? Pouring more oil into my hands, I massaged her inner thighs. This time I went for her pussy and massaged the lips very well. I’d hold the tips of the pussy gently, stroke it in between my fingers very gently and occasionally dip my finger into her wet ? pussy, fingering her teasingly. I massaged her pussy lips as it continued to become wetter and wetter.

As I gently massaged her clit, she’d slowly wind her waist so she could get more pleasure from my finger. I glided to her legs and bent down to kiss and lightly bite her ass. Gosh! Her ass was so warm. I couldn’t wait to eat her pussy ?. I tapped them to turn around for part 2 of the massage session. I put eye masks ? on them at this point. I usually put eye masks on the women I give pleasure to so they can focus more on my touch and the pleasure it gives and to also ensure they’re not distracted by anything around. It also allows them to anticipate what would happen next and that adds up to the fun.
I poured the massaging oil on theirs breasts and gently smeared it all over their chest.

Debs’ “innocence and shyness” had won my heart and I wanted to do things to her no one would ever be able to replicate. I bent down and kissed her passionately. I’d noticed her ears were very sensitive so I kissed her face and inched towards her earlobes. I pulled her earlobe with my lips and noticed how pleasurable it was for her. I slowly licked her ear whiles my hand was fondling her boobs. She starting shaking! She’d orgasmed! ??
That quickly. She held me close as she spasmed and tried to regain her self. I sprayed some whipped cream on her nipples and slowly licked it off as i sucked on her nipples. I put one of her nipples in my mouth and gently flicked the tip with my tongue ? as I sucked on it gently. I did all that whiles massaging her other boob and lightly flicking it with my finger. That instantly made her orgasm again.

At this point, Nana Ama felt she had been neglected so she took her eye mask off and opted to site and watch me pleasure Debs. That seemed to turn her on as I could see her playing with her nipples as she was trying to replicate whatever I was doing to Debs. I gently massaged Debs as her spasms decreased in intensity. I put one of the ice cubes in my mouth and licked her lips with my cold tongue. I gently kissed her faces moving down to her neck and licked it gently. I could see goosebumps all over her body as I kissed further down to her nipples. I blew cold air onto her left nipple for a few seconds and then put it in mouth. I flicked the tip of her nipple as I sucked on it too. She started wiggling her waist in pleasure as I continued to flick her nipple with my cold tongue. She started moaning loudly as she shook violently. She’d cum ? again. ?
I massaged her chest and her stomach and inched towards her pelvic region with my hard kpeniz gently brushing her thighs.
I placed a pillow under her waist, bended her legs inward and parted them.

I took one of the ice cubes and passed it over her pelvic region and then over her left thigh and then all over her right thigh. It felt good to see experience all that pleasure that day. I put one of the ice cubes in my mouth and started kissing from her knee and down to her pussy. She opened her legs to welcome my tongue ?. I positioned myself in between her thighs ready to eat my meal for the night. I pressed my tongue again the ice cube in my mouth to make it very cold ❄️. With every every cold kiss, she’d gasp. I kissed her outer pussy with my cold lips and parted them with my tongue. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy so she could feel the cold touch of my tongue ?. She’d wiggle her waist in pleasure and thrusted in and out of her pussy with my cold tongue. I put more ice cubes in my mouth and waited a few seconds for it cool my lips and then I French kissed her pussy.

She squeezed my head in between her thighs, held it and pushed it into her pussy. I located her clit and sucked on it with my cold lips. She was so so wet ? I could feel her juices all over my mouth ?. I loved the taste of her pussy juices. I sucked on her clit till she orgasmed so hard to the point of squeezing my head very tightly in between her thighs. That blood rush excited me so much that I inserted one finger into her pussy and fingered her while sucking on her clit. She shook so hard I though I’d killed her. I let myself loose and waited for about 1 minute to allow her to catch her breath.
I made her lay down side ways as I laid behind her in the cuddling position, raised her leg slightly and inserted my kpeniz into her slowly. I paused, turned her head towards me and kissed her deeply as I started thrusting slowly into her. I had one hand free so I gently caressed her boob with it as I continued to thrust slowly, stroke after stroke.

My kpeniz is curved so it was the perfect position to hit the upper walls of her pussy. I thrusted slowly like that for about 4 minutes and she began to squirt. I took out kpeniz and brushed it on her pussy lips to allow her to squirt more. I gently pushed it back in and started thrusting slowly again. Intermittently, I’d thrust mid tempo and then slowly and then mid tempo and then slowly again till she orgasmed again. At this point she’d orgasmed about 6 times. She started whispering that she’s too weak to cum again.

That was a challenge for me and I took it personally. I turned her to lay down with her face down, placed a small pillow under her pelvic bone which revealed her pussy in its full glory. I straddled her thighs and then slowly pushed my kpeniz in. I positioned myself in such a way that I’d hit her pussy walls with each thrust. I started thrusting slowly and maintained the pace till I felt like cumming. I then started increasing the pace till she started shaking again, that made me cum and pushed my kpeniz deeps into her and felt my semen gush out deep inside her.

I fell on her back as my kpeniz was still in her pulsating for more than 10 minutes. I kissed her neck and her back throughout. All this while Nana Ama was busily playing with herself whiles watching us.
I got up and drunk some of the coconut water to regain my strength.
Nana Ama got and came over to me and whispered in my ears “my turn now” but I was too exhausted to get up so I rested my back on the sofa and pulled her close to me. Her pussy was in my face at this point so I started kissing her thighs gently. I could see her pussy dripping with juices. I knew she was going to be more fun ?. The sight of the juices ? gave me some strength as I instructed her to lie down on her face for her session to begin.

To be continued……..

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Written by Abena Magis

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