Sexcapades of Osofo Abaa Dɛdɛɛdɛ Part 7


After about 20 minutes, I felt her hand on my kpeniz. She started rubbing it gently and I became hard again. She moved to give me a blow job. She was so good on the mic ?. She gave the best sloppy head I’d ever received. She then sat on me and pushed my kpeniz into her.
She started fucking me slowly, moving her waist is clockwise manner. I could feel my dick moving inside of her and the feeling was so good.

I slightly opened my legs and started matching her movement. I stretched my hands to caress her boobs as she fucked me. The feeling was intense. She started fucking me harder and harder till she squirted all over my stomach. She climbed back on in the reverse cowgirl position and bent forward slightly. That girl was a demon rider. She started fucking me again. I could feel my soul leaving my body at this point. I was cumming and started screaming “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!!”

She increased her speed and I came so hard. She wholly sat on my kpeniz as I came in her. It felt so so good I didn’t want it to stop. She turned around and laid on my chest as she kissed me passionately. We both fell asleep within minutes. I woke up about 3 hours later to see her still sleeping naked beside me. It was almost 11pm and I had to wake her up to go back to her apartment. I thought to myself, “it wouldn’t be bad to get one last nut before sending her off ?.” I went straight for her boobs and started sucking on her nipple. I slowly inched for her pussy with one of my hands and started rubbing it gently.

That woke her up. She lightly opened her legs to give me more access and held onto my head. She became soaking wet ? at this point. I wanted to eat her sweet pussy but also wanted to get my kpeniz sucked too. I laid down and gestured her to come on top of me as I slowly moved her waist towards me. We were now in the 69 position. She could suck my kpeniz while I eat her ?. Win win!

She started licking my kpeniz slowly; teasing me a little and then she swallowed my kpeniz. She had a way of doing it to make it feel so surreal. She’d stretch her tongue ? out while taking me whole almost reaching her throat and then swirl her tongue ? along my kpeniz as she moved her head up. Gosh! It felt so good.
I equally went to work on pussy. I licked my fingers to lubricate it a bit before fingering her gently for a few secs. I held her thighs and buried my face into her pussy, pushing my tongue as deep as I could and then began to French kiss her pussy.

I noticed she had lost focus on what she was doing to me and I loved it. I’d intermittently suck on her clit and she’d moan loudly. I maintained the pressure on her clit and then she came ??. She gushed her juices all over my face and fell off pulsating. I waited a few seconds to allow her to catch her breath and then positioned her in the doggy position. I pushed her back down till she arched herself perfectly bulging out her pussy. Just the way I like it. I teased her pussy lips with kpeniz, lightly inserting it and then taking out. I wanted her to anticipate my penetration.

Without expecting it, I pushed my kpeniz in almost fully. She gasped. I started pounding her slowly with long strokes. I wanted her to feel all of me in her as my kpeniz filled her pussy. She’d gasp whenever I thrusted deep. I did then for about 5 minutes and I felt her legs shake but I wanted her orgasm to be continuous so I continued to pound her. I increased the speed on my thrusts and lightly smacked her ass. Not too hard to cause her pain and not too soft to not be noticed. I was about to cum so I increased my thrusting speed and then I thrusted very deep into her and came ?? deep inside her.

I could feel my dick pulsating inside her as I released my load groaned in pleasure. I fell on her and we both collapsed on the floor to heavy breathing. We were there for about 30 minutes before she got up, put on her wine stained sun dress and left my apartment to hers. I was so weak I couldn’t get up to lock the door.
I fell asleep immediately and woke up at about 9am. The best sleep I’ve had in weeks.
I woke up to messages from Nana Ama (Cassie’s friend) asking for the time of our appointment at the clinic.

Oh shoot! ??‍♂️ I totally forgot I’d requested that we all get tested for any STDs before Saturday.
I responded with the preferred time and clinic and then proceeded to hurriedly bath and dress to meet then. We met up at the clinic, exchanged pleasantries and proceeded to get tested. The results came out a few hours later and we were all STD free. I’d earlier gotten vaccinated for Hepatitis B so I wasn’t so worried about that test but I was truly glad the other tests were okay. Game on!

I left the ladies around 4pm and headed towards the market to purchase some “ammo” to get me ready for Saturday’s session.
I got some tigernuts, coconut, bananas, cola nut, dates and raw milk (if you know, you know) ??. I got home and prepared my mixture immediately and started drinking the first dose of it while watching a movie. I passed out and woke up the next morning, drank part of the mixture, exercised a bit and then took my bath.
I proceed to send Nana Ama a list of things I needed them to arrange for. They were ice cubes, raw honey, whipped cream and ice cream.

To be continued……..

RevFr scribbles

Written by Abena Magis

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