Sexcapades of Osofo Abaa Dɛdɛɛdɛ Part 5


I pushed my dick halfway in and brought it out.
I began to thrust slowly at first and increased the tempo slightly. “Yes! Yes!! Yes!! Good boy!! Good boy!! Good boy!!!” is all I heard as I thrusted deeper into her. Moving onto the floor i spread her legs and planted my dick into her once again and thrusted fully into her. Each thrust came with a loud gasp and an occasional squeal from her. I maintained my tempo till she squirted on my dick. Then I paused a bit to allow her orgasm and turned her over and into the doggy position.

Brushing teasingly on her pussy lips with my dick i slowly pushed it in and increased my speed gradually till I heard her scream, “fuck me harder!! Yes! Like that!! Yes! Yes!! Yes!! Good boy!!! Good boy!!! Good boy!!’”

I increased my thrusts as I started feeling I was about to cum. I pulled out and came on her back. I fell back on the floor covered in sweat and squirt ???. She fell to the floor too as we both caught our breaths. I fell asleep and didn’t notice when she left till I woke up.
She had left a note on my centre table which read, “can we do this again…soon. Text me 024….8465.” Another appointment already? This should be fun.

A few weeks later……
I’d been ignoring my neighbour for a while because as I mentioned earlier, I don’t bang my neighbours. Too much drama. I’ll tell you all about what happened at my previous place. Gosh! I miss that period ??. So here I am on my sofa scrolling through my business IG inbox to see which clients had DMed to schedule a massage when one particular message caught my eye.

It read, “hi I’d want to schedule a massage for my friend and I. Same one Cassie got. Cash or transfer?” Oh come on Cassie! I thought you’d be discreet about it. ??‍♂️ I decided to ignore it and go ahead and schedule a few normal sessions for the week. Voila! Three clients for the week booked and part payments received.
A few hours pass and I get a ping on my IG again. It’s a message from the lady wanting a session for herself and her friend. She sent a “hi…??”

Curiosity gots the better of me and I checked out her pics. Damn! She looked gorgeous. A little double fun for cash wouldn’t be bad.
“Hi. Sorry I missed your message. We can book for Saturday. An hour’s session goes for GHS500 per person. A 2 hour session goes for GHS800 per person. Payment confirms the session. Which would it be please?”

“Okay. That’s cool. We’d prefer a 3 hour session though. And Saturday is fine by us.”

“That would be GHS1,200 per person. “ I had my fingers crossed ?? because I wasn’t expecting her to respond ?. I received a momo ping of 2,000gh within 2 minutes with the reference reading “part payment.” “Sent” followed almost immediately. I literally jumped and started dancing. “Kindly provide a phone number to call and a location gps to your place.”

The next day, I arranged and moved to my first appointment for the week. I knocked and a pretty lady opened the door and ushered me in.
“Please make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything to drink?” I responded, “some water would be fine for now. Where should I set up please?”

She quickly pointed to a yoga mat overlaid with a blanket and a pillow. “That’ll be fine.”
About 20 minutes in, I signalled her to lie down so I can begin. She walked over to the mat in a towel and take it off. She was in a bra and pantie.
“Ummm….I’d need you to take those off before you lie down. It’s okay if you want to keep the pantie on.” I turned around to allow her to feel free to take her bra off.
“Can I turn around please” I asked. She responded with “yes you can”.

I turned on the sensual music and told her to close her eyes and relax. I proceeded to cover her butts with a towel leaving the other parts of her body exposed. I gently moved her arms to her side and start pouring the massage oil on her back. I usually request for hot water and place the oil into it. This makes the oil warm to touch and soothing because it contains mint. Perfect for massaging.

Gently rubbing the oil on her back and neck, I started some gently massaging.
“This is an hour and 30 minutes session so please feel free to let me know if certain parts require more attention.”

I massaged her neck and moved slowly to her arms. I began to motion towards her back slowly and massaged her back very well inching towards her waist. She slightly moaned and which usually signalled that a client requires more attention in that area. I could feel her waist had tense so I gave it a bit more attention. I noticed she was really enjoying it because she’d started moving her waist. I move down to her thighs and start massaging. She then signals to me that I had not massaged her ass. “Some clients prefer not to be massaged there because they’re not so comfortable with it,” I said.

She responded, “I don’t mind. Please go ahead” with all the softness in her voice.
I proceeded to take off the towel and begin massaging your ass. Her ass was one of the nicest asses I’d ever seen. Not too big, looked firm but very soft to touch. I spent about 15 minutes massaging her ass. I could hear the gentle moans with my every touch.
In my line of work, if you focus too much on the moans of the client, you’d be in a lot of trouble with the little man down there.

I proceeded to her thighs and when my fingers reached her inner thighs, I could feel her sticky wetness. I cleaned my hands and poured more oil on her thighs and focused on the massage. Anytime I’d inched towards her inner thighs, she’d moan so I decided to move to her legs. Baba no dey want case oooo. Hehe ?
I was done with her back so I instructed her to turn around and cover her boobs with the towel as I turned around.

A minute later, I turned around and she had only covered her pussy so I picked the towel and tried to cover her boobs as well. She stopped me and said she wanted her boobs massaged as well. With a straight face, I told her to cover her eyes and focus on the massage. I started with her neck and slowly inched down to her boobs. Nice perky boobs which fit nicely into my palms. Each time my fingers touched her nipples, she’d moan. I pretended not to notice and went about the massage as if I didn’t hear anything. I slowly moved towards her tummy.

She giggled loudly anytime I touched her tummy and would say “sorry” each time.
I gently moved down to her thighs again and massaged gently. I noticed any time I’d inch towards her inner thighs, she’d wiggle a bit. That happened for a while till she started vibrating a bit intensely. Ah! Fuck! She’d orgasmed. I just sat back and allowed her to recover so I could continue with the massage.
This happens quite often so I didn’t find it out of place at all. I finished the session, packed up, ordered an uber and left to my next appointment.

To be continued……..

RevFr Scribbles

Written by Abena Magis

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