Sex to Pay Off My Boyfriend’s Debts


I’m in such a bad situation that I have to consider giving in to sex just to pay off my boyfriend’s debts. So earlier this year before the pandemic, my boyfriend told me about a business he was interested in. Although it’s quite lucrative, it’s very risky.

We both didn’t have the capital but I urged him to borrow some money from a mutual friend because I was working by then and felt I could help him pay. He went ahead to borrow the money and started the business.

It involved travelling so when the lock down was announced, he had to stop working. Much to our dismay schools were closed also. As I’m a teacher in a private school, it affected me greatly. I could hardly scrape something to feed myself once a day not to talk of supporting him.

After the lock down was lifted, he tried picking up from where he left off but everything came crashing down. We were both broken. On top of that, our creditor started harassing us. This was in June. We had already agreed to start paying in August but he said something came up so he needed the money urgently.

I became frantic. Although I knew I wasn’t entirely to blame for it but I felt very responsible for this situation we found ourselves in. I was the one who encouraged him to go for it and also promised to help him pay. So I also started moving around begging people for help. Luckily we were able to pay almost half of the amount we borrowed and the creditor left us for a while.

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Towards the end of August, he started harassing us again. I was so frustrated that I approached a guy I met in a group on Facebook who I became friends with sometime back. He had expressed interest in me but because I was dating, I brushed him off. I told him about how I’ve been struggling and that I needed help.

He told me not to worry and that he would help me. Imagine how elated I was but that quickly disappeared when he added the condition, he wanted sex in return. I felt nauseous. I told him I couldn’t do that.

But Auntie Abena, our creditor keeps harassing us. The little I have to feed is what I saved up so at least I can pay a little. My boyfriend also tried his best but it’s simply not enough. Recently I’ve been contemplating accepting the guy’s offer of sex so that I can help my boyfriend pay off his debts. I know it can cost me my relationship but it seems there’s no way out.

I’ve seen you and the Manofans give people good advice. Please post it for me because I’m very conflicted.

I’m not online most of the time but I’ll try very hard to read comments.

Thank you very much ????

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. My sister, please stop right where you are and let your boyfriend continue you cannot kill yourself oo.You are a lady and I can see you really love your boyfriend but hey,wisen up and let your boyfriend take it from there cos i think you have done enough.Trying to remedy the situation with cheating would not solve the problem cos you know, financial needs never end,you will always need something which you will use money so the question is;for how long will you have sex with the so called fb guy?,Do you think your financial needs has an end?, Will your boyfriend be happy when the truth uncovers and wil he still love you??Is it right to trade your body??You should find answers to this dear.The guy in question is not your husband and even if he is,you have done your path in helping because not many gals will do this.Wisen up

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