We Were Sad But Glad He Died


About the story of the man who couldn’t sign the documents for his mom to undergo surgery, I want to share my experience on that or similar to that.

My sister and I had to take care of our sick father who was bedridden. We took care of him for years. He and my mom had been separated for so many years before he got sick so there was no way we could ask her to come back and help us take care of him. My sister and I did everything and to be honest, it was extremely difficult.

It’s not easy taking care of a person with certain conditions. There were times I wished my father would die so that my sister and I would be free. We were not able to go out to work or go to school because of him. It was very challenging, very exhausting.

The morning I was told my father had died, I couldn’t shed a tear. Not a single drop. All I said was “thank God. He’s now free and my sister and I are also free.” I wasn’t happy he died because I had hope that he’d be well, but our lives were on hold and we didn’t know what was going to become of us if we were to continue like that.

Personally, I was tired, drained and started losing hope during his sickness because my life was at a standstill. Anytime I prayed, all I said was, “it’s either he gets well or he dies.” It may sound bad, or wicked but I couldn’t help it. My father was my favorite but I couldn’t stop praying this prayer.

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Written by Abena Magis

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