Romance Fraud – We’re Living with Our Victim


I met my boyfriend in high school and we have been dating since then. We have plans of getting married and have shared great moments together. Even before I accepted his proposal to be his girl-lover, I knew he was an internet fraudster but I was not startled by that. Perhaps my love for him at the time blinded me.

After we both graduated from school, I went to live with him in his rented apartment. I work in a restaurant in Accra as a Waitress and I am comfortable presently with that. As for my boyfriend he is stuck doing what he knows best. Anytime I try to reason with him to get a job, it turns into a war between us.

He would use words like “that’s what has been feeding us, so shut it!” Or “Is your father going to employ me?” He knows well that my dad passed away when I was a child but still abuses me with such words. I think for as long as I can remember, the fights in our relationship have always about him getting a legit job.

Somewhere in February 2019, he approached me saying he wants me to do something very important for him. He said he had met this Black American online and had been chatting with him for the past four months presenting himself as me. I was quite shocked at what he said but permitted him to finish with what he is saying.

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He said he needed videos of myself both nude and dressed to send to this pen pal he had met online. I replied “No” but he somehow managed to convince me that this 2as going to be his last involvement in internet scamming-something I have always wanted. So I agreed to help him and started conversing, having video calls on his instructions with our victim, if I should put it that way.

After continuous engagement with this American guy online, my boyfriend and I received a huge sum of money and gifts from his penpal. We later invited him to take advantage of the Ghana Year of Return Initiative to come visit me and he accepted. He came to Ghana late November, 2019 and has not returned yet.

My boyfriend, who introduced himself as my brother, found him an accommodation at Cantonments which the American paid for and we have moved to live with him as girlfriend and her brother. He takes care of both of us now and even wants to start a business right here in Ghana.

Despite living under the same roof with him, my boyfriend and I always find time to make love and spoil with each other. At this point, I am very confused and scared of the future. What if this man finds out about us? I really feel like going forward to reveal the truth, I don’t want to do things anymore but I’m scared of what the man might do to me.

Mano Fans, kindly help me with advice.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. This story is interesting. If I were you, I will damp my fraudster boyfriend and marry the black American. Your guy will continue to take you granted, use you and waste your life. Which serious boyfriend will send nude pics of his girl to another man. Honestly, I don’t call this love. Take this as a chance and move away from him.

  2. My dear this is your breakthrough to forget that stupid boyfriend of yours. Just go ahead and marry your american boy friend as your fiancee has made it look like wai. Move forward and settle down . You are a woman for Christ sake.

  3. There are some blessings which comes to as in disguise why don’t u ask ur pal to move out with u so u start a new life 4 ur bf his not ready to do anything better for himself talkless of taking care of u. My sister look sharp.

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