Response to Lady Who Was Sacked by Her Indian Employers

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Good afternoon. So about the lady who was sacked after 9 years of work with no justifiable reasons no, I was a victim and followed same reasons to which she was sacked but for me I wasn’t paid 3 months salary after being sacked. And the NGO is owned by a Ghanaian ooh not a foreigner.

During the 1st lockdown in the country in March last year, my boss asked us to go home and that we will hear from him. After the lockdown I called him severally but he didn’t reply so I decided to go to the office and that was when the drama started. My boss was there with the other staff and I went straight to greet him. His response wasn’t that good but I didn’t mind only for him to ask why was I at the office when he hadn’t asked anyone to report.

He actually didn’t know I had seen the others at work but he said I should go home and that he will call me back. This was April last year ooh, so I went back home. From April to July no salary and he wouldn’t pick my calls nor respond to my emails. Then on July 7, he sent me a mail dated June 29th that my appointment had been terminated because of covid effective 31st March, 2020, meanwhile he had employed 2 people and bought a V8 for himself within that same period.

By the grace of God, I got employed at a reputable state owned institution with better conditions of service in December 2020. Sometimes when we encounter such challenges, it’s best to leave it to God and pray for a better opportunity in the future. Because the bible says in Isaiah 48:22 that “there is no peace says the Lord for the wicked.” So to my sister, instead of spending money and risking your life on the road, I will rather urge to take whatever has been given you or reject it and move on for vengeance is of the Lord.

Kindly post the above for me to encourage the lady and others in similar situations. And if possible get her to contact me, I will want to help by introducing her to a couple of employment opportunities where I applied myself and got the job without knowing anyone as has always been the case in Ghana.

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Written by Abena Magis

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