Respect Your Woman

Dear Auntie Abena,

Please good morning. How are you doing? Thank you for your good works. Please post for me. I wanna make a comment about men who don’t value women at all.

Men take note

To my fellow men,???? why is it that most of you have no single respect for women?????

All we think is how to have sex with them and the next thing is to dump them like hot kettle and make them a topic of discussion among our friends.

She allowed you to have sex with her because she felt secured with you. She saw you as a good and responsible person. She allowed you go to bed with her because she believed in all the fakes promises you made to her.

Some of you even go to the extent of promising them marriage just because you want to have sex with them. SOME MEN WHY?

Why are you making her believe in you when you know you just wanna use her and dump her? Why are you making her have high expectations in you??

Since you know you don’t have intention of settling down with her then why are you having sex with her?

The one that annoys me most is the fact that after you get what you want you’ll lose respect for her. You’ll no longer see her as a human being that should be cared for. You’ll even start seeing her like a fool, as if she’s a cheap brat.

She’s cheap because she accepted you right?. If you wanna know how expensive she is then go into her inbox and see how many guys she’s disappointing each day just to be with you.

Why don’t you learn to love and appreciate your woman?

A man can have sex with a woman he’s not in love with, but a woman will never have sex with a man she’s not in love with. She allowed you to have sex with her because she loves you.

You treat women like they are trash having forgotten so soon that you came into this life through a woman andyou were also raised by a woman.

Women should be highly respected in this world because they go through a lot just to see us through in life.


By Bhra Qhueku John

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Written by Abena Magis

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