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Good evening.
I’m actually a silent reader on your page and I must commend, you are being a blessing to some of us. I’ve been very observant of most stories but there’s this particular one that has got me restless for a month now. It’s a story about a guy complaining that his cousin is in love with him and all that. Funny enough I’m actually the cousin he’s talking about.

The moment I read that post I felt some similarities between mine and the post until he mentioned us being in the same college and where I came up with an idea that we should elope and all that. I asked him if he had shared our love story with someone and he said that he had anonymously shared it with a page which I confirmed was yours. I never wanted to reply but it’s really eating me up.

Ok so it’s actually true that I’m the one that initiated most of the stuff that happened but it’s not like I intentionally did all that just to satisfy my selfish being or anything of that sort, it just happened. This cousin has been the only relative that has been very closer to me because he was the only relative I had in England, all the other ones were in other European countries, far from us. I didn’t have friends because my mum wasn’t that kinda friendly person so he was the only person who was allowed to come around me.

We did some kinda crazy stuff together. We bathed, ate from the same plate and even swapped clothes where he wore my dress and I wore his. Lolx ????. All this was short lived when he was sent to stay with our granny in Ghana. I felt so lonely after that and I also convinced my mum to also send me to Ghana. This is where everything actually started. As time went on, I felt so attracted and attached to him to the extent that I felt jealous whenever he’s with other girls and you know, he’s also the flirty type. I drove a lot of girls away from him. But heyyy, it wasn’t my fault, I just couldn’t help it. 

I went through the previous comments and some of them were really heart breaking. Some people jumped into conclusion that it’s an abomination and all those sh** they preached about but if you happen to find yourself in my shoes, you’ll understand.

I proposed my love to him because I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. Although I tried dating other guys so I could forget about him, it didn’t work. He took my virginity which I don’t ever regret. Even now that our relationship has hit the rocks, like I don’t regret loving and giving myself to him because I don’t think I can ever love someone like him again.

It’s really been difficult for me as we’re actually in the same faculty although doing different programs but our path cross a lot and what even hurts me the most is how we behave like strangers. I know he’s doing all that to stop himself from loving me but I see the way he watches me whenever we meet, especially when I’m with my male course mates and same with me.

I know he still loves me but he’s trying all his best to avoid me due to what the society will say about our relationship. It wouldn’t have been a bother if we were to be in England but nigga this is Africa where everything is about cultural values and all that. So I just wanna know if it’s wrong to fall in love with your relative?

And yeah, about your fans, they gotta be sensitive a bit in their comments and not to say stuff that will even worsen the case and scare people off from sharing their grievances. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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