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Re: Marriage of Convenience – My Take


I usually don’t comment on this issue but I think it is best I do to save someone here. This is in response to the earlier post on marriage of convenience.

As the lady stated that she is a nurse, it is possible to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in UK. She’ll first have to provide proof of English proficiency either by IELTS test score or OET and also provide any academic documents that shows she can practice as a nurse in Ghana. After that they will invite her to write two tests, one is a computer based multiple choice test and the other is like an interview but with several stations where you meet actors posing as patients. 

When she passes both of the tests, she will get a PIN and with that will be able to practice and apply for any nursing position in UK. She will just need a tier 2 sponsor visa. If she works in UK based on that for 10 years (I know it is long but any case she’ll be working which is good) she will get the chance to apply for a right to stay. 

Going in for a marriage of convenience for papers isn’t that easy. If you’re caught by the Home Office you will be deported and barred from coming to UK for 10-15 years. Also the person working with you too will usually use this opportunity to his advantage. They demand for their full payment even before the agreed date. If you’re having paper issues, they really don’t care much but if you meet someone who is caring then you’re in safe hands. Someone can even threaten to report you. 

Remember that isif you have dual citizenship, the Home Office can strike your UK citizenship anytime. So in my opinion go in for nursing and work, if you meet a guy there that you love then marry him. That way you can prove by all standard that you’re genuinely in love and not for permit sake. But well this is just my opinion and I believe you’re entitled to your own decisions. May God guide your steps to the right path. 

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Written by Abena Magis

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Marriage of Convenience

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