Re: Ignore My Attention Seeking Ex-Wife.

Dear Abena,

Kudos on the good job you are doing. More vim to you.
Just a few points i want to share anonymously with other fans after reading the respective posts of Rasheeda and Mubarak. The focus of my comment is not who is telling the truth or who is lying or who is right or wrong. Ok….

  1. Please for all of us: single,married,divorced etc…we should be measured on what we say about each other when things don’t go or end as envisaged. Irrespective of what the outcome of any relationship is, if we must speak (which we should)…we should limit ourselves to the truth. Otherwise we could taint the other party and this may have lifelong effects on us. Truth, only the truth;no additions and no + or – please.
  2. Please for our own sake, let’s spend some time to know the people we want to have sex with, or have kids with or even marry! Meeting and exchanging contacts on the evening of January 01, and discovering that one is pregnant in February presupposes that sex occured in between 9th to 15th of January at which time ovulation is taking place. Following the normal distribution of menstrual cycle. It is reasonable to miss period around 27/28 to early February and discover pregnancy by mid February. Then moving in and all that. How well do we know our partners? Or better still, how well do we know the other person we want to make babies with or enjoy cush cush with? I know there are matches made in heaven but the Ghana we live in; one ought to be a little careful.
  3. Please tell our churches and pastors,mosque and Imams, shrines and fetish priests…Divorce must be well discussed as an option and a possibility during premarital counselling! It’s long over due! All that …till death do us part must be revised! Nobody must die in any relationship whether dating, courting or marriage! Woman, man …exit before you die!
  4. Families and friends must be supportive…so they don’t come and tell “had we known stories”

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