QNET Cost Me My Marriage


QNET is one organization that when I hear of them na me turkey apai (I get mad). That is because, my following QNET cost me my marriage that I don’t even have access to my daughter.

I was there when a friend of mine called that she had a business deal for me. I had already lost my job and searching for a new one was hard. My husband was providing for me although sometimes I could see how tough it was for him. I used to do susu (daily savings) with a bank during the time I was working. Sometimes, I’ll go and take from the savings until I was left with GH5. My husband started giving me money to save in it for him that after a year, he could use it to buy land.

Back to my friend. She told me there was this company that can take you outside and provide you with accommodation and a car. I was very much interested so she asked if she could add my number to a whatsapp group she created. I eagerly said yes. Many people joined and some asked very good questions about QNET scamming people. She’ll remove those people and tell we in there that the people don’t know what they’re talking about. Because she’s my friend, I trusted her and even told those in it to listen to her.

Fast forward, she invited me to their office for a presentation. I was told to pay GH4700 but had to register first with GH200. I was holding GH500 my husband gave me to buy foodstuffs. I took the amount out of it and paid. After I left, my friend will inbox me daily and ask, “won’t you come and pay? People are joining and enjoying oh.” She showed me a video of a white man talking about how QNET had helped him. Na meho piri me (I was so anxious) to start.

I went to check the susu my husband had paid so far and it was 4120. It wasn’t enough. So I lied to him that my mother wasn’t feeling well and I needed GH1000 to take her to hospital. Then I called my mother to tell him I took that amount to take her to hospital. She wasn’t happy about it but I convinced her.

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Hubby brought that money to me and the following morning, I went for 4000 from the susu and went to pay. I came home expecting to be given the products. First week, my friend was always picking my calls, answering my messages and telling me to calm down. That they had ordered my products and I’ll get them soon. From the second week, people in her whatsapp group started complaining. I also complained and she came inbox to beg me not to talk some. That I’m her friend. I should support her because it’s just a delay. I’ll get my products.

I went back into the group and told the people that we should give her one week. The second week passed and now she wasn’t responding to anyone in the group. Someone came to post there that he’s sure we’re (my friend and I) are scammers, that’s why I was always supporting her. I told him point blank that I’m not because I also paid GH4700. I’m also waiting for my products but I keep being given excuses. I woke up the next day and she had removed me from the group

That’s when I knew it was a scam. One of the silent members of the group, a guy, came inbox to ask me more questions. I told him and he said he suspected we’d all been scammed because whenever he called my friend, she gave him stories.

I called her and blasted her, she told me that it’s a business and it’s genuine. If I have an issue, I should go to their office. She wants to stay out of it. I went to the office and it was closed. I asked a woman selling in a provision shop nearby and she said she used to see people there but they opened for just a week and closed it after.

I nearly went mad. I didn’t know who to talk to. Whether to tell my husband or not. I was hopeful that he wouldn’t ask of the money. Meanwhile, because of the QNET whatsapp, I put a code on my phone which he didn’t like. We always have an open policy so this made him complain but I couldn’t tell him why. Then, one Sunday after church, I came home to meet him very cold. He wouldn’t respond to me.

My mother later called and told me that my hubby called my dad to ask him how she was. Dad didn’t know about the connection and told him mum never got sick or went to hospital. I tried to talk to my hubby but he was linking it to me cheating. I was scared to tell him what was going on too.

He’d always complained about me being at home all the time but Auntie Abena, a lot of the jobs the salary was very bad. He wanted me to enrich my CV which I felt wasn’t necessary if the pay is bad. If I told him about touching his money, I knew I will be in trouble. He started asking why I lied about my mum getting sick. Where was the 1000? I told him mum needed it for something but I didn’t know how to tell him.

He called her to ask why she didn’t ask him for the money and she told him the truth. He became so furious and accused me of having a boyfriend and gave the money to him. I had to tell him the whole thing. The first thing he said was, “I’m divorcing you.”

I said everything. Even my parents couldn’t defend me because my dad was very furious about me lying about my mother’s health. My mum accused me of making her lie and lying against her again. My friend was still not picking my calls.

My husband drove me out of the house even though I had nowhere to go. I left with my daughter to live with a cousin. What to even eat was hard for me. I had to depend on an ex who only gave me money if I had sex with him. My husband got to know and officially filed for divorce.

I had to travel with my ex because I asked him for GH5000 to start a business. I left my daughter with my cousin. She too left my 9 month old on the veranda and went to chat with someone next to the house. My daughter went to the food on the coal pot and the hot stew poured on her. Hmmm

I was at the hotel when my mother called me to come home right now. I traveled back and she took me to the hospital. My husband told the nurses to sack me anytime I go there otherwise I’ll kill our daughter. My ex was still calling me which got him angry.

He told my parents that he’ll take our daughter. If I don’t agree, he will make it a police case which will also affect my cousin. I was still staying with her because my parents didn’t want me home so I had to agree. It’s been very difficult for me after that because my ex too got bored. Auntie Abena, see what one mistake cost me? As for that friend of mine, I have nothing to tell her. Karma will get her.

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Written by Abena Magis

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