Our Wedding is Next Month but I Want to Cancel It


Happy new year. God bless you and your entire generation for the marvelous work you are doing and not forgetting your fans too. Auntie Abena, please you and your noble fans should help me with this issue cause I can’t think far.

My boyfriend has been hiding something from me and God being so called I found out last month. I found out that another lady is expecting a baby for him. I thought she was kidding when she told me, until she sent me a pic of herself and my boyfriend in the hospital with her and some too at a mall and shopping with him.

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Meanwhile we are getting married next month in February. I asked him if he is hiding something from me but he said no. That apart from me nobody dey, to the extent of swearing that I am the only lady in his life but he doesn’t know I know his hidden agenda. At least he should tell me the truth mpo err.

I want to call off the wedding since he is not ready to tell me the truth. The lady is 6 months pregnant.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. What if I tell u to stay and u end up regretting or ask u to live which will intend killing u slowly? U Kno what ur guy is made of u can be the best person to decide what’s good for u. Whatever u decide mona fans are with u.

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