Our Educational Difference is Killing Me

Will his family agree?

Good afternoon aunty Abena,

I’m here to talk on the education nattering in a relationship. I’m in such circumstances and have been thinking about it for long that I’m lost on what I should do.

My story is like this…

I’m a Masters degree holder, an assistant Lecturer in one of the Private universities in Kumasi. There is this sweet, caring girl at where I fellowship. She is an SHS graduate who didn’t further her school but joined her mom into importation of cook wares. She currently has her own shop at the new Kejetia while managing her mom’s shop at the same time. She is 25 and understands me very much but the difference in academia is bothering me.

My dad is a senior lecturer. My mom is a senior nurse in one of the big hospitals. My brother is a medical doctor doing his specialization and my younger sister is a masters holder and an HR in a company in accra. So just imagine me introducing her to such a family. I have asked her to even go to teacher training college, after completion, she can throw the certificate away but this girl doesn’t agree. Even after I told her I will foot the bill.

She is of the school of thought that “we go to school to search for money” and if she is making it here, why waste money again. I’ve tried all I can to let her see that I love her by doing what a boyfriend should do but the educational difference is killing the love in me. What should I do in this situation because I love her and will marry her tomorrow if not for this “situation”. She knows it and is cool saying I’m the one who has to take the decision.

Someone should help me please. Sorry for the long post.

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Written by Abena Magis

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