One of Her Twins is Mine


Good evening. My story is a strange one. Please help me out.

A lady I met after two months told me she was already pregnant for an older man. The man is her old classmate’s father who wasn’t in town. We had already started having sex. I quit the relationship and cut all ties with her.

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She gave birth to twins and surprisingly one happens to look like me. Because she felt she must have made a mistake or must have lost the baby with the other man before meeting me, she called to have us think about what to do.

Surprisingly the boy is a spitting resemblance of me. I still demanded a DNA because I thought it may be because I was having unprotected sex with her. The first results came in late October. We did a second one with a different lab and the results came yesterday and I’m still in shock.

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He is my son while the other is 100 % not mine (he looks a bit like the other man and my ex). It looks like we both got her pregnant! How is that possible? My ex thought I was the father for both so wanted me to take responsibility so she ends everything with the man but as it is now, she doesn’t want to break the news to him because I’ve refused to take care of the other boy who isn’t mine.

Now because I refused, she’s pleading with me to forget about everything that happened between us and let the man be their father.

I want my son and want to make a claim for him with the test results but I feel scared with what would probably happen to the other boy and my ex should the man hear this. He seems happy getting twins and is already spoiling them with some beautiful stuff.

Should I forget everything like my ex said? What should I do?

And please in this case can they be called twins even when they bear different surnames and belong to different fathers? Has anyone been in a situation like this?

I urgently need help.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. It’s a difficult matter but once the paternity test has proven to be yours, then you don’t have much cause to doubt it. In your submission, you only interested in fathering for yours and not the other child. What then becomes of the other one if you break this news to the man and he stops taking care of them? I suggest if you still love your lady and concern about her future, then stick to her advice and move on. Trust me, the child will one day look for you because the truth cannot be hidden forever. Blessed you!

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