One Daughter, Two Fathers


Please I need advice on what to do. I had sex on the same day with two guys, Paapa and Kumi (names changed) and got pregnant. When I informed them they both gave me money to abort it. I didn’t. Later I went to Kumi, the one I really love and told him the pregnancy was his because I didn’t abort it but he told me point blank that the pregnancy is not for him.

I left and searched for Paapa and told him the pregnancy is still there as I was already in my 6 month. He also got angry and told me he has already given me money to abort it so he’s not responsible for it but since his family told him not to reject it if only he has slept with me before, then he’ll accept. Fast forward, he took care of me till I put to birth but Auntie I didn’t love him because he is too ugly and has bad breath too.

Now my child is 10 years old and Kumi has come back into my life again. He’s doing everything for me and my girl. Paapa is also taking care of her as he thinks the child is his. My mother even took me to see a native doctor to use charm Paapa so he doesn’t stop taking care of us because he’s now in Abroad and doing well for himself.

He doesn’t know that I have changed the name he gave my daughter to what Kumi wants. I have been using my daughter to take money from Paapa and because he thinks my daughter is his he doesn’t complain. Please what do I do now? I’m torn between the two of them in the sense that if Paapa stops catering for us, we are doomed. He is doing everything responsibly but I know the child is not his.

I’m scared he will one day call for a DNA. Because I don’t love him, I don’t allow him to even talk to my daughter when he requests to speak with her. I only need his money and not love or affection for my daughter. Though it was same sex that day, I can tell Kumi is the real father of my daughter because I was already having sex with him more often before.

I need advice. How do I tell Paapa to stay off my daughter without losing the money I have been taking from him to support myself and my boyfriend with my daughter and mother. Do I keep quiet for him to keep taking responsibilities or tell him the child is not his? Auntie Abena, l don’t love him one bit. Please I will be reading comments.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Both u and ur mother are evil for what u r doing even though I m not judging thats the right word for u,u r evil taking advantage of someone like that,if it was u will u be happy,if it was u these things u r saying was being done to will u be happy?

  2. What you are doing is evil. Please get a dna test done and if it’s for kumi, let Paapa know and if it’s paapa, let kumi go. Madam it’s been 10years. At least you have saved something from the money Paapa sends. Please do what’s right

  3. You’ll surely get what’s coming to you. Karma is a real bitch and she ain’t dead
    She’ll soon befriend you and your mom I can assure you of that ,then you can ask her for help
    Trust me she’s the best person to wear you guys the cups befitting you.
    Just wait for her cos she wont be long

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