One Breakup Too Many


I found your account yesterday on Facebook. You’re really doing a great job.

I came across the post about the guy who talked about the fact that his woman opts for breakups anytime they had a misunderstanding. Right now I’m in pain as I write to you.

While in Medical school overseas, I met my first ever boyfriend. I fell in love with him completely. He wasn’t okay financially so I used to help him out by cooking for him, buying him gifts on his birthdays (though he never acknowledged mine).

He moved to cheating and moving from one woman to the other in school. I was so heart broken that I went into depression. The relationship became so toxic and people who knew me as the cool, calm and reserved lady realized I’d changed. At a point I lost my self esteem and respect from people. We came back to Ghana and parted ways.

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Long story short, I met a family friend who was madly in love with me. Because I was broken, I treated him so badly. I asked for breakups anytime I felt like it because I so was afraid to commit. I didn’t believe in love anymore.

He did his best and showed me love. The last breakup I asked, he obliged to it. I have been begging to come back but he requested for a break from me to heal. I still keep on begging him.

I’ve come to love him so much..I feel void without him. I’m ready to love as much as he loves me. ???? Please what can I do? Can you please advise me?

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Written by Abena Magis

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