No Marriage, No Baby


Good morning. Please I want your followers to help me with this my problem because I read their comments and I’m always impressed.

So I had a child with my ex girlfriend 6 years ago. One year later, I traveled abroad and things couldn’t work out between us that we had no option than to agree to break up. I always do my responsibilities towards my son including paying his full term school fees and making sure he doesn’t own in the school and at home but the problem is with the mother and her family.

They don’t take my son to school regularly even though I’ve paid all his bills. His mother too isn’t taking good care of him. Right now, my son is staying with his grandma (my ex’s mother). I’ve tried my possible best to get them to give me my son but no avail. All they always tell me is

  1. He’s not of age
  2. Because I didn’t marry my baby mama, I can’t have my child and that’s their tradition in Wa.

Please what should I do now because the headmaster has been calling me about my son not attending school regularly. Reports I’m getting is that his situation is not good at all.

Written by Abena Magis

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