Newlyweds- Arranged Marriage


Good evening. I came out of a very sad break up that I nearly took my life because I never believed anyone could do me wicked like my ex did. My mom got scared and decided to link me to someone. Not that I was ok with it but you know mothers, she wanted to help me out and thought a relationship with someone would help me.

I wasn’t interested in the girl when I met her. She was just a timid girl though very pretty and still in school. I’d heard bad news about students and how their treated their boyfriends so that even reduced her marks in my eyes. Mom still insisted I get to know her. After we met for the first time this girl started telling her friends that I’m her fiance. I went to visit her and her friends were all telling me.

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Fast forward, my mom kept giving me pressure to marry her but because she wasn’t my choice, I didn’t really pay much attention or bother with her. I only visited her because mom would force me to. I cheated in a way by dating someone else, it was FWB but my heart wasn’t in it and I stopped. In a year, mom told me to marry her. Pressure

Finally I agreed because I was 34 and wasn’t growing any younger. She was 25. We finally got married and I must say it has been the best decision that I ever took. Marriage has been sweet and our sex life is hot hot. She has studied how I like my things and does it perfectly, as for sex she even sent a booty call last year. We’ve been enjoying each other very well. Thanks

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Written by Abena Magis

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