Nana Adwoa is too Arrogant


I’ve been a top fan for several weeks thanks.
I’m in an unhealthy relationship. I’ve been dating my girl, Nana Adwoa who is on your page as well, for almost 10 years. We started dating when we were about to enter SHS and have been together since.

Even though we sometimes experience setbacks, we always bounce back stronger. She is my first love and we’ve known each other for a long time since we went to primary, JHS n SHS together.

Now the problem is even though she is a dedicated christian she has an attitude that I am not happy about. She is very arrogant and feels proud of herself. She doesn’t apologise when she’s wrong and I don’t know if she will ever change because that’s how she’s been ever since I know her .

Now I feel it’s becoming too much and mind you, it’s not just me that she puts up this attitude with, all her friends and even her new boss who is the best person I’ve ever heard of in a long while have faced this.

Just this past Sunday, which was the Vals day, I called her the whole day but she didn’t answer. I wanted to surprise her with a gift but she never answered her phone, so I called her on Monday only for her to tell me she had no reason for not answering and because of that she can’t apologise for anything. As if we’ve been fighting but naaa, that’s how she is.

Sometimes she behaves as if you’ve done something to her. At first we thought it was some spiritual thing that is “doing her” lol .
Now we are at the verge of breaking up. I still love her so much but I’m afraid that if I don’t manage her like that she may end up alone in life because her attitude will push me away trust me.

I’m really tired even though I promised her I won’t give up on her but now I feel I need a break. Mind you, she’s many things but not a cheat and that’s what I love about her. This is because I’ve tested her in so many ways. Thanks
Now I wanna know if you guys think I should move on.

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Written by Abena Magis

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