#MyBiggestRegret – My Son Doesn’t Attend School


Good evening. Concerning the regret issue. Hmm, I met this guy 2017. We were just friends for a whole year till he proposed to me. I asked where he’s from and he said from Accra. They came in their numbers to work in the Obuasi Gold mines here. We started dating in 2018.

Late 2018, I told him I was pregnant. He didn’t ask any questions because he knew he’s the one responsible for it. He decided we abort by which I accepted to do it. We tried it, blood came but still after a week and check up, it was still there. Eii. What was I going to do? He suggested another by which I said no. This pregnancy was with me for almost 4 months before my mum got to know about it.

Since my dad was strict and it was my aunty who was taking care of my fees and everything, we both went to see the guy together with my mum. We suggested a DNC and the guy said ok, we should do it during the weekend. Weekend came and his phone was off. We went to his place only to be told he’d traveled. Till now, I’ve raise the child as a single mom.

My dad doesn’t talk to me anymore because of this. No one supports me but I know God is my provider. Auntie if I show you my baby’s pictures eh you’ll just like him. Hhmm, I regret meeting that guy in the first place and now my son is still home and not schooling. He’s 2 years old now.

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Written by Abena Magis

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