My Would-Be Husband Spends More Time Outside.


Hello Auntie Abena! Kindly hide my ID.
Please help me out with this one. I’ve been with this guy for 5 years. We are getting married next month. My problem is, he spends too much time with his friends more than me. Especially his female friends.

Last nite he told me his friend was having a party at his house so he has been invited. He told me he was going with his friend and didn’t return home until morning. This is not the first time he has been doing that. I called him through out the night and he didn’t answer me even on video call. So when he came home in the morning I didn’t say a word.

He saw from my mood that I was not happy. So he told me that he didn’t do anything, he just went with his friends and that’s it. I didn’t say anything again. Auntie Abena please I have a feeling he has been cheating on me. Then he comes home and tries to cover up so that I don’t suspect him.

This is a man I’m getting married to in a few weeks time. I’m so confused because all the families know about the marriage and all. I don’t know whether to continue with the marriage plans or just quit. My heart is tearing into pieces. Please kindly let your noble fans advice me.

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