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My Woman Called Me “Stupid”

Hmmm Abena my sister. I’m sad and I don’t know if I did the right thing. I got a very beautiful lady on this beautiful platform Things were moving on fine and I gave her money to start buying our traditional marriage stuffs.

Along the line I got to know she is that know-all type. 2 captains can’t ride one boat so I made her the captain of the boat whiles I played the dumb guy role. I was talking to her recently when she told me right to my hearing that I’m VERY STUPID. This is something I can’t and will never even in a jovial way say such a thing to her.


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I got hurt and hanged up on her, she called and I didn’t take the call because my heart was boiling. Then she sent a message that it is over between us. Well I don’t have pride and I felt to let her go if she truly loves me she will apologize but if not I can’t go into marriage that I left sometime ago because of ego n pride. No I can’t be in a hellish marriage again.

She is a nice person but pride and ego is the issue I have with her and anytime I try to talk to her about it, she gets angry and goes like it’s over between us. Should I call her then apologize like I used to do even when she is at fault or to wait for her to apologize this time around.

Do you think I should let her go and let things she bought be with her then start life over again? Wish I could get a woman that would understand me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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