My Wife’s Secret Valentine


Thank you for availing your self and be used as a channel by God to resolve our marriage issues for us. Please I would like you to post this for the Mano family to help me on what to do.

I’ve been married for more than 3 years now and per the nature of my work I don’t stay at home often. I was recently working on a project and was in a different region to that of my wife. I completed the project just last month and when I came home, I realized she’s currently having a friend who is the first and last person she calls every day and night.

I’ve not asked her whom he is since she has stored his name starting with Dr. (she’s a midwife and I believe they’re both working in the same hospital).

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A few days ago, I overheard her having a conversation with someone that she wants to purchase a surprise Val’s Day gift for me. I would have been happy if I hadn’t heard her intentions to purchase the same gift package for this same doctor. I later went through her phone and found out that the conversation I overheard was true and read through some of the conversations she has had with the guy.

The very next day, she deleted all the conversations she had had with the guy on whatsapp and also the one she had with the lady she’s purchasing the Val’s day gift from, even though I didn’t confront her when I saw the conversation.

I’ve thought of confronting her but I also think that will ruin the surprise gift she’s planning to give to me on Val’s day. So I want to ask if it is normal for her to have that sort of friendship with the guy and purchase that same gift package for both of us?

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I can feel the jealousy in here. Of course, we are all humans. She would probably not take it kindly if you were the one doing this and she would accuse you of cheating on her. Doctors and nurses relationships are very common so step in before it’s too late. I know this because I dated midwives before marrying and even now, my wife is a senior midwife officer

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