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My Wife’s FWB Was My Friend


About the friends with benefits, that’s how I caught my wife cheating on me. I’ve this best friend and we’ve known each other for a long time. I know him to be a ladies man, he really chews the ladies and this my wife didn’t like him because she said he can influence me to womanize and drink. I stopped hanging out with him at pubs but we were still friends.

Now we were talking last year about his serious girlfriend cheating on him and he said, “every woman cheats but because most of them don’t have sex with the men we don’t call it cheating and they don’t confess.” I told him to say some women because my wife of 5 years will never do it and he told me it’s the good women that can shock you.


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I didn’t pay him mind until 15th February this year when he called me and told me not to get angry with him but he has to show me something. Auntie Abena, message after message with my wife. This guy has been talking to her and even traveled with her twice! She told me last year December she had a family funeral to attend, I don’t like to take our young children to funerals so I opted to stay home with the children, she went with him. She didn’t tell me, he didn’t tell me.

Then January ending she went to visit some aunt who took care of her when her mother got very sick, my friend drove her to the place but didn’t go with her to the woman’s house and drove her back! She didn’t tell me and he also didn’t tell me. They’ve kissed a lot of times and she was the one pushing for sex but he told her he can’t do that to me and she told him to stop behaving like a saint because he can have every woman he wants and she wants him to have sex with her because I don’t satisfy her.

Auntie Abena if I you see the kind of things this woman told my friend about me, about not wanting to have children but didn’t want pressure from me or the families, didn’t want to be married to me and was thinking of travelling and living outside. She then begged him to be friends with benefits with her and he agreed on one condition of divorce from me and she said when she travels, he can join her there and after some time she can use any excuse to divorce me.

I read the messages and told him I don’t believe it. He sent me some photos she sent him without her face but I still refused to believe him. I later went through her phone but there was no such messages to him, no such pictures in the gallery and Google photos, there was no call records too. I chose not to believe him and told him he wants to destroy my marriage. I then told my wife all he told me and she told me she can never do that to me and was crying. I believed her

Later that very day I went to my friend’s place and asked him why he’ll do such a thing? He told me to read something. He showed me messages from my wife to him asking him why he did that and he said he felt guilty about the whole thing but I’ve told him I no longer want to be his friend so he can’t tell me anything again. Then he asked her where I was and she told him I’ve gone to town to do some rounds.

He then told her he was in the shower and she called him on video, he was in the sofa with me and she was in our bedroom wearing just her bra and I watched her showing him her breasts and opening her legs for him, telling him how much she’s missed his penis. I watched the video and was crying, barima nsu but I cried. Ɛtwɛ na ɛfo sei? (How could a vagina be this cheap)

I grabbed the phone and waited for her to finish whatever she was doing and saying before seeing me on the other side. All I heard from her was, “eiii.” She cut the video. I called her small sisters and told them to drop whatever they’re doing and go and pick her from the house because if I get there before they do, they’ll come and meet her corpse. I gave my friend some blows for putting me through all these before going to the house to meet Pastor, my wife and her sisters.

Auntie Abena if not for the children! If not for my 2 babies that made me change my mind, I should be in jail by now. This thing called marriage is not for the faint hearted and I’m done. I have 2 beautiful children, a good business and comfortable in life but unless God comes in I don’t know what will convince me to marry again. 

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Written by Abena Magis

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