My Wife Said She Shits In My Mouth


Good morning, madam Abena. Please what what your funs to help me with this question. Is it good for a wife to say to the husband, “I shit into your mouth” and also curse you?

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Afterr closing from work at 5pm I go to wait for my wife till 8:30pm and send her home with my car but before we get home she will call an Indomie vendor to order for herself Indomie which she will eat alone but I don’t mind her. I’ll rather go to the bedroom and make a call to a lady friend. Knowing how she acts when she hears me talking to my friend, I always avoid talking to the lady when my wife is around.

Yes, she knows my lady friend and has spoken to her twice. So as I was talking to the lady last night, she entered the room, took the phone from me and cut the call. I then asked why she doesn’t like hearing me talking to the my friend but sometimes talks to me about her. I then added “are you jealous of her?” That was when she made that statement.

I don’t know what to make of this statement.

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Written by Abena Magis

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