My Wife No Longer Turns Me On


Thanks for all the sacrifices and positive impacts you are making in the lives of people everyday.

My problem is my wife no longer turns me on.

We got married last year December and that was when I realized the different woman my wife was. We were friends for 6 years and dated 3 years making a total of 9 years. I will leave the other issues for another day so let me talk about my lack of attraction for her.

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After marriage, I discovered my wife would never make any move to make love unless I did so. This made our sexual life boring because we were a newly married couples. Yet, we could go for 3 weeks without making love. It was later I discovered that she always thought she was doing me a favour by making love with me. This is my wedded wife oooo, not girlfriend.

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Even after making the move she would be so reluctant that I will have to give up. Hhhmmm. This was never like that when we were dating Abena. One main reason for marrying her was her willingness to learn and improve upon her imperfections but charley it’s not the same anymore. After marriage try correcting her or teaching her something and you will regret big time. I’m just tired already.

Frankly I’m not the type that can go after anything in skirt. So now all I do is just watch pono to calm myself then forget the rest. I was never like this before marriage but charley I’m tired.

Fortunately she is pregnant and will be due soon. My decision is to take the baby after birth and then decide whether to continue with the marriage or not. Our child is too innocent to go through any pain at this stage. I believe my intentions are not bad at all. Maybe your fans might be able to help me see other sides that I’m not seeing.

NB: It’s not about sitting her down to talk to her hw3 (look) I have sat her down saa m’abr3 (so many times. I’m tired).

Please keep me anonymous. Thanks

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Taking the baby away isn’t in the interest of the child either bro. My advise is you lay off the porn for a while & focus more on yourself as a man. Set goals & strive to achieve them while you find out why she’s not really into sex frequently & help her get through it psychologically. Leaving a woman cos she won’t give you sex regularly isn’t good enough.
    What guarantees that the next woman you marry will like sex? Or you intend fornicating & masturbating for the rest of your life?

  2. Denying the innocent child a family now is a bad idea. Secondly, porn isn’t a best option either. My brother, sit her down after she has delivered and talk to her on the way forward, I mean how you feel about her current change in behaviour. If things don’t turn out well you can invite your counselor.

  3. I am facing the same problem right now. My wife clearly told me that, he has no sexual feelings for me anymore . Is been almost one year now and am just confused whether to go for side chick or leave her n find my way out but our little bby has always been my problem

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