My Wife Got a Job, She Says It’s Over


Hi sister Abena good morning. My wife is seeking for divorce since she got a new job. We dated for three years while she was in school before we got married 5 years. She was unemployed and I was the one taking of our expenses for all these 5 years.

We had three kids but unfortunately we lost one so they’re now two. After she got the job, she left my apartment and demanded that I rent a new one. I have done that by renting a new apartment for her but she’s now seeking for divorce. Should I accept it?

NB We’ve been married for five years now 19th September will be 6 years. Yes both family has sat on this twice but still the same thing.

I need advice ……the truth is that I cheated on her that’s why she’s seeking for divorce. But another truth is that she’s stopped sleeping or having sex with me for about three years now. That’s why I cheated on her and she’s seeking for divorce. Sometimes I used to wash our things and cook for her while she’s tired. I do everything possible to treat her like a queen but she’s still seeking for divorce. What should I do now?

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Written by Abena Magis

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