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My Wife Deserves a Maserati


Help me thank my wife for being the kind of woman I had always prayed for.

I was once married years before I met my current wife. My ex wife and I divorced after I caught her feeli feeli with her pastor screwing themselves. I decided to go for a DNA test on our 2 kids and realised they were not my biological sons. Damn I felt like I’d been screwed up, my future had just turned blank. This is an experience I don’t wish any man to go through, not even my enemy 😪😪 I lost all my businesses and properties as well within a month.

Fast forward: I packed a few belongings to my car and drove to nowhere, I couldn’t open up my problems to any family member nor friend. The only person I had confidence to tell was my mechanic after I had lived in my car for over a month without bathing. All I was doing was to buy fuel full tank for my car, put on air-condition and cry. I even forgot the names of the days we have, I basically went off track.


What at all do some men want?

My Wife Doesn’t Want the Car

I later rented a single room and went to take a student mattress from a friend’s hospital ambulance and that was the only thing I had in that room. 2 years later, I decided to move on but this time I didn’t need to date for longer time because I realised you will never know the real person you’re dating until you marry them.

There was this lady in my Facebook friends list that I wanted to know more of. I sent her a DM but it took her a year before she replied back. Fast forward: we met physically for the first time on 1st july 2016 and we got married on 23rd November 2016.

We were living in my single room and sleeping on the same student mattress, I had no sofa or TV. I was totally a broke dude but she realised I wasn’t a lazy man, I was only facing some difficulties in life. We had a son after 2 years of marriage and in the 3rd year we got visas to move to the United States. We had our second child (girl) a year after we got to America. I went back to school for automotive technology engineering and graduated last year.

Things are moving on fine now. Throughout our short dating and marriage she never asked for anything 😭 Next year God willing I want to surprise her with Masaratti or Range rover because a woman who asks for nothing deserves everything ❤❤❤

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Written by Abena Magis

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