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My Wife Called Me a Psychopath


Good afternoon to you and your Manokekame fans. God bless you and your manofans for the great job you are doing of which I’m a top fan and contribute a lot on issues here.

Auntie Abena, this is the second time I am in your inbox. My wife and I have been married for 10 years now and as a married couple, I know sometimes misunderstanding do happen but you have to forgive each other and move on. However, on 19-02-2021, that’s last week Friday, my wife did something I am still finding it difficult to forgive, what she did has really affected me emotionally and physically.

I was trained by my parents to do all the chores traditionally reserved for women so cooking and washing has actually become my hobby. I sweep our compound, cook for the family and wash our clothes without complaining if she’s not doing it. Sometimes we do it together or I do them alone. This is something I have done every blessed day for the four decades I’ve spent on this planet.

Now to the issue, last week Friday, I decided to wash the kids’ clothes because I was off duty and also my wife would be writing exams over the weekend. I finished around 2:30pm and I hurriedly went to pick up the kids. I went with our main door key thinking I would be back before her since she normally came home late.

After picking up the kids from school, I went to the bank because there was no money for the weekend and I needed some as I was going to traveling to a funeral of a close client’s wife. I was in town when she called around 6pm asking for the keys and I told her is with me and that I will be home soon. I further asked her if she has still not taken my advice of having a copy of the keys in her bag and this was her Whatsapp message to me “I’ve married just a psychopath, you are not correct one bit. You are depressed. Seek treatment, if you like sleep there for all I care.”

In shock, I Whatsapped my wife back and asked, “Me Kofi a psychopath? Depressed?” There was no response from her. I got home later but I couldn’t sleep that night because I couldn’t fathom it. How? I did not insult her so why did she use those abusive words on me? This is a woman I sent her to school when we were even dating and I am still paying for her fees after marrying her 10 years ago.

I’m a very responsible man, I provide everything in the house and a very hard working young man. I provide all her needs and just the same week that she abused me verbally, I prepared palm nut soup and pounded fufu single handedly without anyone’s assistance. I drove to her workplace to give her own to her, then went to pick my kids before I came back to continue pounding the fufu for myself and the kids. We ate ours around 5pm whilst she had her own around 2pm. That same week oooooo.

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I pondered over all these and the numerous things I have been doing as a man and realized indeed I have been a psychopath and depressed ampa. No normal guy would do all these and yet the wife will be disrespecting him. So this morning I told her that from tomorrow onwards she’ll prepare my breakfast, make provisions for my lunch and we’ll all wait for her to come home and prepare for the family.

She asked me why these strict rules but I replied that it’s part of the treatment I’m seeking as a psychopath and depressed. That the Dr said I should relax on those chores if I want quick healing. And if she jokes with it hmmmm heaven will break lose.

Now my advice to fellow women or ladies is that never take a hard-working and humble guy for granted. My wife did and now she’ll pay the price. When I say I will not do something she knows I will never do it. Never again will I be doing or assisting her in the house chores again. I’m done!

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Written by Abena Magis

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