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My Wants a Third Wife

Good evening auntie Abena. God bless you for the good work you are doing for mankind especially we women. I have been married for the past nine years with 3 children.

My problem is I was living in a government bungalow with my husband and his family (both parents and siblings). Living with them under the same roof was like hell. God being so good the father went on pension and moved with the family leaving I and my husband.

Now my husband wants us to move back to the village and stay there with his family again. Hmmmm, I’m thinking of sharing one hall, one kitchen and one bathroom with the children and his family. The painful thing is that when I move to the village, my mother in law will as usual dictate what to cook and how to buy ingredients. During the time we were staying together she used to do it to the extent that I had to show her all what I bought. I had to calculate the prices in her presence to confirm the money she gave me.

My husband is a government work whiles I’m also doing some petty trading. My husband has a girlfriend in the village who goes to his parent’s house almost every day because he spends all his weekends, holidays and even when he’s on leave at the village.

He is now threatening me that if I don’t pack and go to the village, he will marry that girl because his family says they like the girl not me. l can’t say everything here but upon my past experiences, I don’t want to go through that again. I don’t know whether I should rent a single room and go with my children or what. I am confused star my husband told me his family don’t like me. What if I move there and one of them does something to me and the children?

Hmmm auntie Abena he’s also the type who likes to complain all the time. He doesn’t feel sorry for what he has done or doing. Anything we discuss as hubby and wife he will consult the mother and sisters and whatever they say is final.

He was married before. The first wife left the marriage with their 2 kids (please I am not the cause of their divorce. It happened long before he met me). Please I need your advice from your fans. I will be reading comments thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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