My Uncle Said No but I Still Want Him


God bless you for everything. Please I have a problem and I need your fans to address it for me.

There’s a guy at our church who was dating a certain lady before I joined the church but later said he wanted me. I didn’t accept him because he was already dating someone. My uncle also warned me not to talk to him. And even added that he will not talk to me again should he see me with the guy.

This is because he felt I’ll be snatching the guy away from his girlfriend and people will also gossip about our family (my uncle occupies a very big position at our church). He even said I deserve someone better than the guy. Well, I’m beautiful and the guy is not all that nice???? though he can take care of me very well…I mean very well. I couldn’t disobey my uncle because he is the only family member I have in Accra.

Fast forward, the guy called me to tell me that he’s decided to choose between me and the girlfriend. I told him to choose his girlfriend but all he said was, “I know what to do.” I didn’t know he had gone ahead to break up with the girlfriend without my notice.

He came to visit me one day and I introduced a guy to him as my boyfriend. He nearly died????. That was when we stopped talking to each other for almost two years. We have started talking again and none of us is in a relationship.

The issue is, he wants us to get married but I’m afraid my uncle will not allow me to. My parents are alive though and they will take my bride price but what about my uncle’s wishes not to be with the guy? Please I need your opinions because I’m confused and don’t know what to do. I will be reading your comments. Thank you ????

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Written by Abena Magis

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