My Sweet Akolos


Good evening. I want to take this opportunity to say very big thanks to you, your fans and my beautiful lovely wife. Please kindly keep me anonymous. This is regarding to the LETTER TO AKOLOS you shared on your page.

My wife calls me Akolos and I also call her Akolopoka, we have been married for 4 years. We started dating in 2015 before she had an accident in 2016. It was one of the saddest day in my life, my world turned upside down when the doctor said they had to ampute her leg before it became too late. I was always there with her from morning till evening (4am to 6:30pm, sometimes 5am to 6pm).

I truly love her, not because of her body or beauty but from my heart. I followed her for 6 good years before she accepted me so if I do not love her why would I follow her for that long? Auntie Abena, we all know about how society or how our communities reacts to situations like this, saying a whole lot of things, saying things which is not true to the extent of advising me to dump her but I refused. A lot of people do not talk to me because of my wife and some even told me never to come to them for help, it being money or in any form but, I told them God will provide for us.

Auntie Abena, it has not been easy for my wife and I physically and spiritually but God has been with us and will always be there for us. We live like brother and sister, like best friends, we cook together, eat together , wash together, we do dance challenge in the room and we advise each other. My family loves and adores her.

Akolopoka, I truly love you and you know I really do. Our God Almighty who created you and I had His reasons and plans for bringing us together. He will surely provide for us and be with us no matter how society talks. My prayer is for Him to make me like this and never change the way I am.

I love my wife and my prayer is to be with her till the end of our lives. She calls me her first born because I serve her like I am her son, I’m the one fetching water, sometimes help her wash the bathroom and toilet. When she is tired and sleeping I do the washing of our clothes alone, many people see us and think she is my sister that am taking care of. My family do not joke with her at all, they love her more than anyone can think of. They help her in anyway they can. God has been so good to us, He provides for us and also protects us.

I told her I wanted to marry her and she never believed it, she thought I wanted to score and run away but that’s was not my intention. I saw her when I went to my hometown to school in 2009. I do not know what happened but the moment I saw her I fell for her and that was my first day seeing her. She was dating at that time so I chocked at one side. She went to school, completed and came to Accra. I also completed (2013) and was searching for her until I saw her on Facebook and we became friends.

We then started talking and in 2015 November she accepted my proposal and the following year (2016) December she had an accident. I was always there for her and always at the hospital with her, I had to tell lies at work to be able to be with her always till she was discharged. That is when people started talking and saying all kinds of things, some said there was no way I was going to marry her. Others said my mum had found a lady for me to marry.

Even a lady came to my room to seduce me to sleep with her but I did not. A week later someone closer to the lady told me she is pregnant. A lot of people advise me not to marry my wife and some told my mum not to allow me but my mum never listened to them and even supported me with my siblings and the rest of the family to marry her.

I am from a poor family and she is as well so I did not marry her because of favour, beauty, skin, body or pity. I love her from my heart since day one that I saw her and will continue to love her, I will never get tired of loving her and helping her. I do not care about what people say or what society thinks. All I know is that I look up to God and I know He will never disappoint me. He will provide for us. He always make a way when there seems to be no way. I thank all the fans for their prayers and warm wishes, may God bless you fans for reading, praying and blessing us. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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