My Stingy Husband Doesn’t Want Me to Work


I’m a silent reader on your page. I am married with a child who’s 3 months old and I’m about to resume work but my husband doesn’t want me to. He’s asked me to resign so that I’ll have enough time to take care of our child and has said that he will deposit ten thousand cedis into my account to take care of daily expenses or better still start a trade if I want to. However one needs to be very careful when venturing a trade otherwise wo capital mpo bɛhye (you could lose your capital).

Should I agree to his terms, it means I’ll be a house wife till I find something else to do and, I don’t want to be a house wife. More so I’m a bit skeptical about the money he wants to give me because he is quite stingy. He will never give me money to take care of a situation unless I present a breakdown of expenses before he will.

I don’t have a problem with that because I work and earn my own money so I usually handle things myself without asking him. I have a problem with asking for money when I’m out of cash. He also doesn’t like it when I ask him money for this or that (in bits) so we are cool. However, with what he’s asking me to do now, I know definitely there’s going to be a “what did you use the money for?” question in the near future.

I don’t earn much dough but there’s nothing like spending your own money oooo. I wanted to take my baby to school but her immune system is not much developed to fight infections especially with this covid and my mum is also not alive.

A friend opted to take care of her while I go to work but my husband says no and that if only I can take my child to work then I should go ahead if not I should resign. Which office will allow a baby in? Hmmmm Manofans help with an advice wai na I am thinking too much. Help me decide.

Written by Abena Magis

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